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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Balboa's Story


Balboa is one of my male Central Bearded Dragons. He is about 55cm’s from snout to the tip of his tail. He is around 2.5-3 years of age and a grey/cream phase.

I had to travel around a hour and a half to get this guy, I was rushed when I realized I wanted a male, as it was getting closer and closer to breeding season, and I had no male to breed with rocky. So I took the first option I had, as I was looking for around a month before hand. After placing an advertisement searching for a Male central bearded dragon on www.petlink.com (see favorite links) I received an email from Jake Hardy, so I traveled down to Campbeltown on the 28/8/08 and picked up my new dragon.

When I got there I was not very hapy, as he was a little more flighty then I had hoped, but as I had travelled so far, it seemed pointless to turn back, I wont be doing that again. From now on I am going to make sure I only buy quality healthy animals.

When I got Balboa home, I noticed more scars and cuts on him, he was fairly skinny too. He was all I had, so I bred him with my female, and got a fairly high egg count.

After around a week, I noticed a bubble come from his mouth, Normally this means he has a respiratory infection. Now respiratory infections are not uncommon, and you generally will get one through out the life of each reptile, but as always, treating reptiles can be expensive. The infection is also highly contagious so he had to be isolated from my other dragons. Instead of taking him to the vet, I upped his temp and fed him up some more, He didn’t show any more signs of it. Aside from being a bit slow catching food, after some one on one feeding time He is now back on his feet looking as good as ever.






dylan said...

How cute is the after digging photo!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, she's SO cute!

Camdizzle said...

May look cute, but it took about 10 baths and 3 weeks to clean her off, the dirt stained her. *tip* try NOT to use dirt!

She was still dirty when she was laying the second clutch!