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Monday, November 3, 2008

Breeding Journal, Clutch one.

I will have a series of blogs, documenting the Breeding season this year.

The two Bearded dragons I have bred this year are Rocky and Balboa, For pictures of them, please refer to previous Blogs.

First put Rocky and Balboa together in Rocky’s enclosure

Separated them, after 11 days.

As I had not seen any mating in the 11 days, I decided to get them both out for 10mins or so and put them in the lounge room, where I witnessed a successful Mating display.

Noticed Rocky is looking a little bigger, at this time she was feeding on meal worms and getting regular sun.

Both Rocky and Balboa ate their first pinkie mice, rocky to fatten up, Balboa to also fatten up as he was off his food.

Rocky looking bigger and bigger, 80% sure she is gravid.

100% sure rocky is gravid, can see and feel eggs through her stomach.

Rocky is digging every where like Crazy, jumping every where. Have not put lay box in enclosure, as the incubator is not ready.

I made a laybox for Rocky, as she was going crazy, it has dirt from a pot plant in it, with water, so that it does not collapse in on her when she is digging.
I also completed the incubator after a quick trip to get a thermometer.
I placed the laybox in the enclosure and put her in it, but she was not very interested in digging, I had read on www.aussiepythons.com that if you dig a diagonal hole and place them in the hole head first, they can start digging. So I did this and it worked.

Rocky started digging at 2:30pm, She reached the bottom of the laybox at 2:35, after over 2 hours of digging, at 4:55, she started laying, finishing at about 6:50, the laying process took around 2 hours.
She laid 26 healthy white eggs, She did not lay one slug, or one off looking egg. The eggs were in the incubator by 8pm, at 30 degrees. This first clutch is due on the 17th of November. (60 days)

Rocky's Stomach the day before laying:


Dirty after digging:


All 26 eggs of the first clutch:

In the incubator at 30 degrees:


Kate said...

Oh thats awesome! So many eggs from such a small animal!

johnney said...

Thats so cool! I want Bearded Cragons now!

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice first clutch.

Jodie said...

thats really helpful thanks heaps :)

McNugget said...

Rocky is a legend!
She should get a cookie