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Monday, November 3, 2008

Breeding Journal, Clutch one *UPDATES*

Hey guys,

The eggs from the first clutch are going great, they are looking nice and plump now.
Just a few updates:


All eggs looking good, degrees at 30. All are nice, white and big.


I am getting a fair amount of moisture in two of the containers, I have heard that too much moisture can lead to getting mold on the eggs, in end killing them, so I have switched to containers with dryer vermiculite.


I candled the eggs on this day, Candling eggs is when you hold a torch to the bottom of the egg, carefully to prevent rolling, and then you can see what is going on inside of it. At this point, every single egg has veins and an air sack, meaning ALL ARE FERTILE!!!

Dropped small torch into the eggs container, rolling 5 eggs, the eggs were marked so I could see which ones they were if they died. -- Rolling Dragon eggs is a big NO NO, as the embryo attaches itself to one side of the egg and creates an air sack, if an egg rolls, even once, it can kill the embryo.


The 5 eggs that were rolled are fine, no affect on them at all. All of the eggs are now looking nearly double the size, nice and fat.


I candled the first clutch for a second time, at this point I can actually make out the bearded dragons tails and a bit of their body, some of them were reacting to the light, wiggling and moving about, extremely fun to watch.


With approx 2 weeks to go on this clutch and no death, this could not go smoother, it is her first clutch, no slugs. Perfect!


Fishcakes said...

26 eggs!! I am impressed. Well done for the first clutch, all of you. ;)

bryceicals said...

Thats great news. Goog to hear that all the eggs are fine.

Lolwut said...

Nice work hope all the eggs and mother do fine!

loony_65 said...

wow 26