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Monday, November 3, 2008

Breeding Journal, Clutch two.

What an awesome day it was, I thought that rocky laying 26 the first time was a fluke, but she did it again!

Rocky looking to be gravid again, can feel some eggs, and once again, she is digging like crazy

Rocky started to dig in the laybox I gave her again today, I had to dig a starter hole like last time, but it did the trick! Exactly 20 days after laying her first clutch, and she has laid her second. There is 26 eggs also in this clutch, Not one slug. It took her approximately 2 hours to lay these ones. I thought Rocky had finished laying, so I moved the laybox out, then I saw her lay an egg on the floor of her enclosure (which was bare at the time). Now I have read that if a Bearded dragon lays an egg some where that it is not comfortable with, or it is not the right environment, they eat the egg. At this time, I saw Rocky quickly spin around, lick the egg and then try to bite it, luckily I grabbed her in time.

I have decided I will keep that beardie, Named him Lucky already.

I decided to candle the second clutch, Every egg is fertile once again, can see veins and little air sacks. All the eggs are fattening up and looking nice and white.

The incubator is now completely full, I had to make a shelf just for the second clutch, my drama now is that Rocky looks like she will lay again any day now, and with the first clutch still 15 days away from hatching, I am unsure of what to do.
I will sort something out.


fishcakes said...

Have you thought to advertise for some incubator space with someone? Perhaps in exchange for a few babies.
I hope you have your woodie supply sorted out and you have a lot of spare tiem on your hands, with a third clutch on the way, you are going to be busy with little mouths soon.

CrazyBDLady said...

I want ONE!

Camdizzle said...

Hey fish cakes, Yeah, I recently gought 3000 woodies, they are already breeding and my colony is under way. Started to set up some enclosures today as well. That is a good idea about the hiring out of an enclosure, normally it wouldn't be a problem, but I don't want to go drilling holes and making a 3rd shelf when there is eggs in there. Cheers for the idea.