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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gin and Tonic's Stories

Gin and Tonic is what I called two Eastern Blue Tongues, They were purchased off Neville Parkes on the 15/1/08, just a few weeks old. They are clutch mates would now be about 11 months old. I have since sold them.

After choosing the bearded dragon over the bluetongues back in 2006, at the start of 2008 I decided it is time to expand my collection and get a pair of bluetongues. I did not plan on breeding them as I was just seeing what they were like, so I bought a clutch pair. I have always had a think about naming some of my animals after alcohol, so I called them Gin and Tonic.

It was exciting when I first got them, they went into Rocky’s first enclosure. For the first few weeks I remember they were not eating much, if at all. Then it rained and I found a snail in the garden, they went absolutely crazy for it, So for a while this is all they ate. Preparing the snail was gut wrenching, having to hunt them, take the shell off and cut them up with scissors.

The Bluey’s were very very slow in comparison to my other reptiles, slow biting, slow walking slow drinking. At one point they seemed to fight over their snails, so I had to separate them for feeding time. They were eating snails meal worms, rocket, carrot, dog food, and Banana mainly.

I decided that breeding Blue tongues wasn’t really for me, as I prefer the more fast paced animal, and bluies just weren’t cutting it for me. So I decided to sell them to a member of www.aussiepythons.com as I know that he was getting his information correct before buying.

I sold them 7 months after purchasing them, and they had doubled in length, both around 30cm’s each.
They were nice placid animals, but just not what I am looking for.



Jessica!!! said...

Haha they are cute, why did you sell them! I want them!

Anonymous said...

I hate bluies! good move.

Kystal said...

Could you tell me how much they sell for each? Just so i have an idea when im ready to purchase some of my own

Anonymous said...

NICE! there so cute!!!!!!! ^^^

Camdizzle said...

Hey Kystal, I bought these guys for 25 each, you can get them from 20-40 each as babies easily, especially seeing as they should be having babies soon. I sold the pair for $50 each, as they were 10 months old.

Michelle McAliece said...

I hate to agree with you :P I love blueys, they are such true Aussie reptiles, but they really are very slow-paced but still take up abit of room. They are absolutely great for the kids, though ;)

Anonymous said...

What great names for a pair of blueys!!! (LOL)


Anonymous said...

Yeh I have a soft spot for blueys, they make great paperweights lol.
Na, just something about them, and being cheap they're easy to have around, but even better if they are already in your back yard.
Well done with the beardies.
Cheers, Dan.

Lplater said...

hi cameron keep up all the good work. always good to see new young herpers espesially ones with youe dedication
cheers Lplater (kurt)