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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Squirt's Story


Squirt is my most recent addition, A high yellow phase Male Central bearded Dragon. He is around 54cm at full size and is also 2.5 years old.

After getting Balboa, I decided that it would be a good time to Search for a Male beardie with higher colours, for next years breeding. I figured I would look now as it is basically after breeding season, and the demand for Male and female bearded dragons is down, as most people are selling them now, after breeding.
As I was just testing the water when it comes to breeding for this year, I decided that I want to produce some more colour in hatchling bearded dragons for next season, so I found this little guy, and got him at a great price too.

I was talking to the seller, who I also found on www.petlink.com (check favorite links) and she was explaning how she doesn’t have enough time to play with him any more, and is selling him to a good home, She explained that he was treated like family and like a pet, so I thought he would be a good choice.

He has a scar on his lower right jaw, from rubbing his face on the side of an outside enclosure. The yellow really comes out in him when he is under artificial UV lighting, and the sun. I named him squirt as that was his previous name. This guy has no trouble getting down veggies and insects. Next year he will be breeding with Rocky to produce some high orange/yellow hatchlings. I have had no problems with him so far, he was purchased on the 21/9/08

The Pictures do not do this little guy justice.






tony said...

why is he called squirt? is he little for a lizard?

reptilelover said...

How long is he actually? He's very cute.

Camdizzle said...

I named him squirt as the previous owner requested I do so, so I decided to! He is around 53cm, I think thats a fairly decent size (my three are from 50-55cm)