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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Breeding Journal, Clutch three.

Today Rocky laid her third clutch!


At around 2pm I placed the laybox in her enclosure, I came back 15 mins later to find her digging.

after 1 hour and 40 mins of digging, she started to lay at 3:40

At 5pm i looked into her enclosure to see her covering up the eggs (making it very difficult to find)

All together she laid 23 healthy eggs, and one Slug, Her first slug ever.

I placed 19 eggs into one container, and the remaining four into a second container.

I then dissected the slug to see what the inside was like, all tham came out was a yellow Yolk.

That is a total of 75 eggs so far.

The first clutch are due on the 17th November, Second clutch on the 7th December, and this third clutch is due on the 4th January. (give or take a week)

If you are interested in some of the hatchlings, I am located in Sydney, and I am taking orders. The parents are Rocky and Balboa (you can see them in other blogs)

Contact me at cam.laing@hotmail.com

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